Solar is a very interesting and unique product. What I have found very common in the construction industry is that a lot of companies tend to have mis-communication problems. Have the sales people sell and the operations install and the two departments are not in close communication which causes the job to be stalled and the customer dissatisfied due to minor issues that could have been resolved in minutes instead of months.
I have seen companies install solar in less than twenty days while others took more than six months. The reason is communication! When the operations and sales work together, installations move faster. Also, the communication between the consultant and the customer is crucial in setting the right expectations and getting arising issues resolved faster. Yes you heard me right! “Issues” Solar is a construction project and anything can go sideways in a project. The key is ongoing communication.
SunGuide believes that close communication between consultants, installers, and home owners is the key to success. We believe that we are coming to your house to help you, answer your questions and make a friend for life. If solar works for you then great! If not, then you can refer us to your neighbor or friend.