How It All Started

After top performing in the solar industry as an Energy Consultant for 10 years, Basem Bishay had the time and experience to monitor and study the different changes in the solar market. He was fascinated by how these changes affected the existing solar client, the solar industry, and the power companies.

He believed in transparency and providing his clients with all his knowledge and expertise so they can truly benefit from their solar projects.

A dream was born.

SunGuide was developed to empower people with choices and answers to their solar needs. SunGuide connects local solar providers and solar financing companies with people interested in going solar!  SunGuide’s customer oriented strategy eliminates any misunderstanding or misrepresentation that might occur.

Basem realized that not all customers and their houses fit in the same mold. People’s needs, preferences, and finances are different. Every house has a different orientation! We understand that there are many options in the solar industry, and we love to help solar interested clients find the best option! We want our clients to have the most productive solar system that makes the most financial sense.

We work with solar providers and financing companies to provide quality, customized service. We set the right expectations and help you throughout the process. Our clients never feel lost, neglected, or mislead. We provide solar project management from A to Z!