“Solar panel installation”, “solar rooftop”, “solar panels”, “solar PV”, “photovoltaic”, “solar installation” are some of the most
popular keywords used online by Southern California home owners in the summer months. They are usually used to search for solar installation companies, solar installation techniques, solar installation equipment, or even solar installation solutions or options.
So, what is really important in a solar installation? My answer is all of the above; in addition to a new crucial term: “Solar Installation
Consultant”. I don’t mean a Solar Installation Sales Representative, but a real Solar Installation Consultant that is non-biased to a single company or single solution. SunGuide Solutions is a solar installation consulting company that helps home owners
in California. Their service is unmatched by others in the same field. You will notice the difference when you schedule your free solar installation consultation.
What are the important aspects of a solar installation? SunGuide Solution’s answer is simple: it depends on a lot of factors. The first factor determining the solar installation is the direction the home owner chooses, whether it’s going to be owned by the home owner or owned by a third party.
Which is usually discovered after analyzing the financial situation and the amount of years planned to live at the house; as well as the production and size of the solar installation.
The second factor is looking at the solar installation company. In our opinion, the solar installation company is the most important . The solar installation equipment changes all the time, but the market leaders remain the same. They have solid experience and good reputation to cover the warranty obligations written in the solar installation agreement. Whether the home owner pays for the solar installation or a third party pays for a solar installation, the company reputation is very important. In some cases, the reputation of a solar installation company is even more important than the warranty terms.
The third factor we look at is the solar installation equipment; it is good to know what is the best for your solar installation. Whether you want American made solar installation equipment or foreign solar installation equipment, what is it that is best for your case?
Most of the small contractors sell on the quality of the solar installation equipment because that is usually all what they have but other bigger solar installation specialists offer a variety of solar installation equipment to choose from.
Solar installation questions are in every person’s mind. We have the answers to your solar installation questions. Wondering what is the best solar installation solution for you? Are you getting curious? Scroll down and request a free solar installation consultation.

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