After top performing in the solar industry as energy consultant for 10 years I realized the different changes in the market and how these changes affect the existing solar client, the industry and the power companies.

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SunGuide is developed to empower people with choices and answers to their solar needs. SunGuide connects the local solar providers, Solar Financing partners with the people interested in knowing about solar and eliminating any mis-understanding or mis-representation by our customer oriented strategy. 2100_1645

We realized that we can’t fit every single customer under one program. People’s needs are different, as well as their wishes and circumstances. We understand that there are many options in the solar industry. We are very aware of most of the companies out there and how they operate.

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We work with solar providers and financing companies to increase the quality of customer service. We set the right expectations and help you throughout the process. You will not feel lost or neglected. We work very hard to reduce the cost of system you want installed.