About Us

SunGuide is a group of experienced professionals and enthusiasts that guide you through the complex world of solar energy with state of the art services and project management. Our goal is for you to thrive on renewable clean energy and maximize your savings.



We believe going solar gives power back to you!

The power of knowledge!
The power of choice!
The power of making a difference!

True knowledge of the solar world and how you can benefit from it.

The choice to determine your electricity rate for years to come.

Making a difference by producing clean renewable energy.

What sets us apart from the rest? SunGuide strives to build the most sustainable, referral-based, solar energy company. Happy clients refer more clients. In return, we have the advantage of focusing on clients’ projects, providing great personalized experiences, and giving back to the community!





A lot goes into going solar! Calculating the energy footprint, generating PV design, assessing future energy needs, conducting the roof survey, creating engineering plans, filing for permits, choosing equipment, reviewing warranties, overseeing the installation, and system interconnection.

Yes! It is a lot!

Today, there are thousands of solar companies to choose from; with hundreds of financing options available. Choosing the right company for you requires weeks of research. Choosing the right financing option requires hours of calculations. Only a professional can monitor, troubleshoot, and manage the many hours of installation to ensure its quality and accuracy.

This is where we come in! We are your consulting and project management solar company.

We bring you value and quality through solar knowledge, customized solar design, multiple financing solutions, project management, and helping you leverage usage and net energy metering after you go solar to maximize savings!


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