The solar industry as a whole is suffering from the PUSH strategy. Every body is pushing somebody else to get what they want. The solar sales approach used now in a majority of the solar companies is the “Hit’n /Run” approach where the sales person is under so much pressure to close the deal! That he/she forgets the need to consult with the customer to set the right expectations, and go over the agreement to answer any questions before signing up the home owner.
Solar is a new industry and most of the solar sales people don’t have much field experience or are trained in a closed-minded way to sell. They go out into the field and try to convince the customer that their option is the only best way for them, which ends up being a very pushy approach to the home owners.
SunGuide Solutions is spending a lot of time and resources in knowing the existing offerings throughout the market and does not prefer a specific way or installer. We study the market to answer your questions. We believe that solar should not be sold like any other commodity. It is a matter of asking the home owners the right questions and answering their own questions Getting to know the homeowners is the best way to serve them the right way. With SunGuide Solutions we do what we do best, we simply guide.

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